What makes a great team

According to the business dictionary, a team is “A group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project.”

But what makes a team good? I consider my team a good one. The best I’ve ever had. The perfect team. And this is not due to the fact that my team members are perfect human beings (even if for me they are), but they are perfect team players.

They work well together, they are competitive, but at the same time they help each other and they rely on each other. During peaceful times they know how to have fun and play together; on the other hand, in challenging moments, they know how to take everything seriously and go the extra mile to achieve the best results.

One of our secrets is communication which is the common ground, a basic principle. When we have something to do, we present it, we discuss it and we exchange ideas. When dealing with difficult situations, we gather together, try to understand each other’s perspectives and eventually reach an accordance that satisfies everyone involved. If someone makes a mistake, here we go again: a discussion takes place. It’s how we build trust; it’s how we do things.

Together we do lots of extra activities that are not related to work such as games nights, karaoke nights or running sessions. This helps us to know each other better, to accept each other, to set or reset the expectations.

Not every day is full of rainbows, but having built strong basis right from the beginning and nurturing it every day, makes my team the best team ever.

We are in this together!

The text above was written before the covid-19 “episode”. Today, after 2 weeks and some days after starting the home office saga, I decided to re-write it.

The fact that my team is great was once again confirmed. We are working in a service center. This means that each member of my team has to take calls and help users remotely, offering IT support. Our customers are in home office as well, so it is a new situation for everyone involved in our activity.

The night before starting the activity in home office mode, I wasn’t able to sleep much. I felt a little lost, like if it was the day before starting a new project. Not because I didn`t trust my team, but I didn`t trust the technology. I wasn’t 100% sure that all our tools would work, that our home internet connection could handle the connection, that we could be able to communicate efficiently between the calls and so on. I had at least 10 negative scenarios disrupting my sleep. I wasn’t sure about how our work volumes would be impacted by the new state, about how people would react and the only thing that reassured me was the fact that I had no doubt about how amazing my team is.

The first week was a roller-coaster: we made a skype group, we paid attention to every little detail, we informed each other about breaks, customers, incidents and at the same time we shared opinions, emotions and fears related to the coronavirus. For the first time we worked separated, everyone from his place, but despite all the difficulties that appeared on our way we became closer than ever.

Don`t get me wrong, my team and I used to be close and do stuff together even before, outside of the office. But the new thing was that we were able to make a great job even while being apart. The idea is that when being part of a team, things get easier when your co-worker is physically near you. You can ask him/her for help, he comforts you when things get difficult, you joke around, you take lunch together and a lot of other little things that make life at work happier and more bearable. We used to take these things for granted and I guess we’ll value them much more when we’ll get back to normal. All this to say that in the last 2 weeks, our routine changed, but we remained united, we remained team players.

What makes a great team? In a great team, the team members have the same objectives and each one gives his/her best even when no one is watching. A great team has team players who understand each other, help each other, cover for each other.

A great team knows to face the unknown, the change. Change is never easy and this time we had to change everything from one day to another. Do you know what didn’t change? Let me tell you: the respect we have for each other, the trust, the common goal.

During these difficult times my colleagues managed to do their best and they’ve even outdone themselves. Without complaining, they proved each day that they are true professionals who can master our perimeter and they don’t let anything stop themselves from fulfilling their duties and even going beyond the expectations in order for things to be properly done and advance.

What makes a team great? I wish you could meet my team to see for yourself! A great team is made of beautiful human beings and I am beyond proud of mine!

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