This is not a good-bye. It’s a thank you

This month, two of my team members will leave the team. One of them is pregnant and the other got an opportunity to grow on another project in our company.

Having two good people leaving the project at the same time is not easy to handle. The dynamic of the team changes and I can say that their departure represents the end of an era. 

When people leave your team you don`t lose only their knowledge, but also their spirit, their emotions and their personal touch. Each member of a team is unique and brings different skills and attributes to it; having a member leaving is like losing a piece of a puzzle.

Most of the times when people leave you wonder why? In this specific case though I am at ease with their departure as they don`t leave because of negative reasons, but because of objective ones. So, this post is not an answer to why people leave their jobs, but a thank you note for my team members who have other missions.

thank you

Dear mother-to-be,

I remember the day we had our first discussion, when I presented you the project and tried to recruit you on my team. It was love at first sight. I was beyond happy to be informed that you accepted the challenge.

You learned so fast and you aced the integration. After only a few days it felt like you were on our team from the beginning and I knew you belonged with us.

Your implication and evolution amazed me and I feel lucky for having a person like you in my team. You are intelligent, reliable, creative and I am happy we got to work together.

You are an important member of the team, a good friend and a great listener. I am grateful for all the feedback I had from you, for all the heart to heart conversations. Your presence made the days at work better.

Never doubt yourself! You are amazing!

You will be an amazing mother and I cannot wait to meet your child. Please rest assured that you remain a part of the team and we`ll be waiting for you to come back.

Dear second-level to-be,

You made a difference on our team and you rocked it! Me and you both know how many failures there had been on this position before your arrival on the team and you understood right away what was at stake.

You went the extra-mile and this won the admiration and the appreciation of the team, of the client and mine. That`s also one of the reasons you got the opportunity to achieve a higher-profile position and I have no doubt that you will rock it.

I am beyond proud of you for all your work and especially for all the battles you’ve won against yourself. I knew you had great potential and I am glad you’ve already got the chance to exploit it and continue to evolve.

You will be deeply missed and your roles won’t be easy to fulfill.

I would like to tell you both a big thank you, from the bottom of my heart. This team has been so amazing thanks to you too. You both are super heroes and you will not be forgotten.

I already miss you, but I am happy for everything that awaits you!

Thank you guys!

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