IT support technician : 8 reasons why this job is cool

Working in a service center seems scary and not very cool. But I think this job is underrated. And I have 8 reasons why being an IT support technician is really cool!

1. As an IT support technician, you get to do interesting deeds every single work day

Yes, that’s true. With every call you take, you help someone; when a customer calls the service desk, he/she has an issue and the technician helps solving it. Imagine that someone has to go in a meeting in 20 minutes and needs to print something but the printer doesn’t work properly. In cases like these, he/she calls the IT support and knows that a technician will pick up, listen, understand and solve his/her issue. Well, maybe we don`t save children’s lives, but we save someone’s work day! We get to be heroes! How is this not cool?

2. You learn “patience”

Sometimes it happens to get calls from users who are not so “IT friendly” so you have to take your time to explain to him/her what causes the issue and what he/she has to do in order to solve it. Sometimes they might get mad because they’re pressured and you cannot help and feel like wanting to hang up on them, but after taking a deep breath you go on with the explanations over and over with patience and empathy until the user understands the situation and the solution.

IT Support

On these occasions users are often impatient, they expect us to be not only IT technician but even magicians and pretend to have a solution right away. In cases like this, it takes incredible patience in order to keep explaining why this and why that in multiple ways until it’s completely clear even to people that are not familiar with the IT language. And this is how we learn to be patient.

3. You are part of a team

Being part of a team is a big deal! Usually, we spend more time at work than at home, so the team is important. A team is a group of people doing the same job at you, so they understand you, they understand every emotion, every frustration, every situation that also you could face. Furthermore, they are always there for you to help you when needed. The great thing about a team is that usually each member has a field of knowledge that he/she masters, so every individual adds a great feat to the team making it better and stronger.

4. You have the knowledge, you have the power

Knowledge and information mean power and you have both of them when working as an IT support technician. Right from start and then throughout the course of project you get IT trainings starting with basic IT that will help you also outside of the job. Moreover, you are among the first ones to be informed about the advancement of technology as you are one of those who will offer support for it.

knowledge is power

5. You learn new skills

From technical skills to how to handle a call, you learn a lot of stuff. As the IT world continuously develops, so do your skills. Positive attitude, effective communication, empathy, deep knowledge of the perimeter you offer support for are only a few of the skills when working as an IT support technician.

6. Career evolution

You can get promoted. If you want it and if you are good at your job, you can get promotions. You can become technical referent, knowledge manager, trainer and even manager. Most of the service centers value and promote “internal first”, so if you really want to advance I think nothing can stop you.

7. Change and innovation

As an IT support technician, you get used to constant changes like: change of tools, change of perimeter, change of project, client change, schedule change and so on. Each and every one of them adds new skills, flexibility and creativity to your cv.

Also, you also keep up innovation and latest trends in technology.

8. You become a communication expert

puzzle; team

Active listening, leading the conversation, showing empathy, adapting your language are only a few sides of the communication that you get to develop and improve in this job. And this is big deal!

Between the customers, the managers and the team, communication is a key factor and a skill that’s worth being mentioned on this list.

As a conclusion, we can say that working in a service center is really cool and worth it!

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