How to keep close with the team during isolation

We are living surreal difficult times, due to the COVID-19 or CORONAVIRUS. If some months ago we couldn’t even imagine how we could move our activity outside of the office, the current situation proved that everything is possible. Even keeping close, under these circumstances.

Our team work in a service center, so our main activity is to offer IT support via phone. So, who would have imagined an office-based team working from home from a day to the next? We were lucky, as the tools we use are flexible and we were able to adapt them out of the office in order for us to continue working with the minimum impact.

Change is not easy, yet we were forced to adapt to work each one from his corner, but keeping close in the same time. When working in a service center, or call center, one kind of depends of the others. When the activity involves taking calls, you have to pay attention at the availability, so you take breaks depending on the others, you have to monitor the waiting calls list and so on. Furthermore, at the office you can ask your colleague when you have a case you don`t know how to handle. At home, you are quite of on your own. Hence, how ca all these be covered when working remotely?

In order to keep close with the team and continue to realize our activity as if we were at the office, this is what we did:

  1. 1. Each morning, we open a group conversation on Skype
keep close
Keep close!

The goal is to remain in contact, so each day we find each other on this group conversation on Skype. Here:

– we share a screen with the “waiting calls” line;

– we talk about the cases and we exchange opinions about the solutions;

-we inform the others when we take a break;

-we exchange about the current situation and our concerns related to coronavirus.

2. Each Wednesday, at 20h, we have a Skype video call

In this reunion, we mix business with pleasure. We take a look at the numbers of the previous week, we talk about the cases and I take advantage of the moment to show all my love and appreciation for my team members.

keep close

Besides, we try to make fun of the situation, of each other and we plan the day that we will be back at the office.

One of my colleagues reads us the funny horoscope of the week, as he used to do when we were at the office.

3. WhatsApp group

Also, we have a WhatsApp group. It was created long before the COVID-19/ CORONAVIRUS event. We exchange about work. We send pictures. We have discussions about COVID-19, our fears and how we will manage this situation in the next period.

During the coronavirus and not only, the safety of the team is a priority, but it’s important also to keep close and to remain together. Because together we are stronger, better and will pass through this easier.

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