Failure is a good teacher

When something doesn`t go well at work, I feel bad. Really bad. Mostly because I take all the failures very personal and because usually it affects many people and I am not comfortable with it.  When failure comes along, I feel like running in a closed space, getting anywhere and I feel like I want it all to go away. Fast. As fast as it can.

Failure can translate in losing a team member, receiving a complaint from a client, having an unhappy team, not being able to respect deadlines, lack of attending your objectives, being close to losing your job, receiving a negative feedback from your superiors, changing and getting rejected by your new team and the list can go on.

I experienced all the things listed before and much more. I had days wondering if I still need the job or if it is worth it to keep fighting. I had days when I felt like crying each morning before arriving at the office, knowing that I`ll have to face the blaming faces of my colleagues and managers.

Sometimes, when failing, you try to find a guilty factor: the team, a coworker, your boss. Nevertheless, eventually, you see your part in the failure and it feels awful. At that point, you feel lost, you start doubting yourself and your skills and you get frustrated. You feel like wanting to escape. At least it is how I react.


Failure is not easy to handle. It takes courage, honesty, perseverance in order to get yourself together and make things right. It starts with seeing what went wrong in the first place and then, as Samuel Beckett said, “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Failure is the best teacher. Failure dares you to do new things, to try new strategies, to innovate, to make things better. It teaches you that there is no limit out of the box. It shows you that you still can and you still have what it takes to do it. It opens new doors for you, as it can make you discover new skills and affinities.

There are a lot of articles, videos and books and this subject. With this one, I just wanted to remind you that you are not alone. Others were down this path also and they survived. Maybe this is not the first time, neither the last time you`re facing a failure, but think about all the lessons you learned the hard way and be grateful that you didn’t limit yourself by a comfortable “status quo”.

Failure is part of the journey, but dare to rise above it and transform it in a success. I believe in you!

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