All about A team

Ok, maybe not all. At least not from the first post.

On my laptop, I have a sticker with a bunch of amazing people. I have so many beautiful things to say about them, that I am not really sure in which order to start their presentation. In this picture, it is my local team. I mentioned the “local”, because a part of our team is away, in another country. I`ll tell you more about managing a long-distance team in another post, it has a lot in common with a long-distance relationship, but now let’s focus on the team members that have to deal with me (almost) every day.

We are working in the IT area, in a service center. Some could call it a call center, but for us it’s a bit of a difference because in the call center you deal with final customers. For instance, at a call center you receive calls from the people who are using a service, such as telephony services. In a service center, it’s a bit more sophisticated, as our “customers”, or “users” as we like to call them, are the employees of another company and not its clients. All that to say that we are offering IT support to the employees of our client. So, if one user has an IT issue, he calls us. He has other ways of contacting us also, but I wouldn’t like to forget the purpose of this: presenting you my team.

about a team

My team members are my heroes: they all speak two or more foreign languages, they handle calls in different languages, they are patient, they are kind, they are polite and nice. Oh, and did I tell you that they are also innovative, always coming with improvement ideas and going the extra-mile each and every day? Sounds like the ideal team, isn’t it? Well, it is.

I won`t lie to you, we have bad days also, but together, as a team, we find ways to move forward. Sometimes, we learn it the hard way, some days one of us are not in the mood for science, but at the same time, you can always find someone who cheers us all up.

We started working on this project 2 years ago. We celebrated the 2 years some days ago. The team is pretty stable and I guess our secret is that we enjoy working together. I plan to tell you a lot about how we work together, how we make things better, how we motivate each other, how we handle the relationship with the team at distance, how we handle difficult users, how we manage to achieve our sla (service level agreement) on a long term, how we handle conflicts as team, but for now, I want only to say thank you to my great team who inspired the existence of this site and almost everything that you will be reading here.
My heroes, thank you!

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