15 Management Don’ts

This is a list of 15 management “don’ts” I came up with these days, after suffering a work-related disappointment.

What would you add to this list?

management don'ts
  1. Don`t assume you are always right;
  2. Don`t treat your people with disrespect;
  3. Don’t lie;
  4. Don’t think you are the smartest person in the room;
  5. Don’t believe that all your team members will react in the same way to things;
  6. Don`t look down on the people you work with;
  7. Don’t judge;
  8. Don’t forget that you are working with people who have feelings and emotions;
  9. Don’t ignore the opinions of your team members;
  10. Don’t give up on your principles and values, under any circumstances;
  11. Don’t quit;
  12. Don’t let pride to lead your actions;
  13. Don’t make people feel little so you can feel big;
  14. Don’t lose faith in people;
  15. Don’t play dirty games.

I have no doubt that the “management don’ts” list is way longer. And each experience teaches as what to do, as well as what to no to or quit doing. Which one is the first “don’t” you will integrate on your list?

To not end this reading in a negative note, here you have my “Be a leader who serves” post. It is focused more on what to do rather than what to avoid.

Be kind, listen to your team. Be honest. Be an example. Trust your people. Be humble. Be open. Be supportive.

Your team needs you to be the best version of yourself!

If you want to add “dont’ts” in the “management don’ts” list, do not hesitate to leave your thought in the comments field.

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